School Aims


Our aims in Peebles High School may be summarised as:

1. To offer a high standard of education which is broad and balanced, by:

     a.   using effective and varied teaching methods and assessment with pupils of all abilities
     b.   taking account of appropriate guidelines – regional and national
     c.   providing subject choice so that pupils may develop their strengths
           and interests in a balanced way
     d.   offering all pupils the opportunity to gain the external qualifications
           best suited to their needs
     e.   encouraging the constructive use of leisure time by offering a range
           of extra-curricular activities.

2.  To make learning, teaching and working a fulfilling experience, by:

     a.   recognising and acknowledging pupil effort and progress
     b.   focusing on the individual needs of each pupil through differentiation
     c.   involving staff, parents and pupils, as appropriate, in the decision-making
           process of the school
     d.  offering staff suitable opportunities for appropriate professional and
           personal development
     e.  appropriately reviewing school courses, policies and procedures to help
           bring about further development
     f.   providing appropriate and stimulating working areas as far as possible
     g.  trying to provide social areas and facilities for pupils and staff which are
          conducive to good morale.

3.  To promote self-confidence, mutual respect and equal opportunities, by:

     a.  valuing every pupil and staff member and fostering independence of thought, creativity
          and innovation
     b.  cultivating attitudes of self-reliance, self-discipline and self-respect
     c.  encouraging respect for the views, person and property of others
     d.  helping pupils develop good social and behavioural skills
     e.  giving all pupils the opportunity to experience residential and
          non-residential activities
     f.  promoting positive attitudes to equal opportunities regardless of 
          gender, race, disability or social background.

4. To maintain a happy and secure environment, by:

     a.  establishing clear rules and  fair sanctions which are understood
          by all and applied consistently
     b.  cultivating a strong sense of responsibility and belonging.

5. To develop the partnership between school and wider community, by:

     a.  establishing close and mutually supportive links between the school
          and the parents of each pupil
     b.  promoting and encouraging opportunities for discussion between
          parents, outside agencies and staff
     c.  working in close co-operation with each associated primary school
     d.  maintaining regular links with appropriate further and higher education
     e.  developing strong links with local businesses and other organisations.

Jan 2003