Transfer from Primary

Primary-Secondary Transition

1. Introduction

1.1    The main objectives in the P7-S1 transition arrangements for pupils
          coming to Peebles High School are:
         (1)  to ensure a smooth transition from P7 for all pupils.
         (2)  to allow the transfer of relevant information concerning P7 pupils
               to the Secondary school 
         (3)  to ensure that the anxieties of the pupils involved, and their parents,
               are minimised.

1.2    The organisation and administration of the transition arrangements is 
          the responsibility of PT Guidance Mr A Millington, PT Guidance Miss Strang, 
          with Mr Clifford (AHT Curriculum 5-14) as Line Manager.

2. Transfer Process

2.1    At the start of spring term, Guidance staff meet with the P7 teacher
          (and/or Head Teacher, as appropriate) in each of our associated Primary
          schools.  During this visit each P7 pupil is discussed and information
          recorded on an Aide Memoire.  A copy of the Aide Memoire is given to the
          P7 teacher for their records.

2.2    Completed transfer cards are sent to Peebles High School by primary
          school for the beginning of March.  Phoenix reports will be in use from 2001. 
          Provisional classes are formed at this stage.

2.3    An “initial concerns” list of pupils is drawn up using information in the
         PT1s and Aide Memoires. The Principal Teacher of Learning Support,
         Principal Teacher of Guidance and AHT Support for Learning in this
         way identify pupils for monitoring and support by Guidance/Behavioural
         Support/Learning Support.  Any other queries (e.g. re. suspected 
         hearing problems) are further investigated with the appropriate support 

2.4    Packs of information for parents of P7 pupils are distributed via Primary 
         schools in April.

2.5    Copies of P7 reports are sent to Peebles High School in May.

2.6    In April/May Guidance staff meet with P7 pupils in their school to 
         allow them to ask questions and discuss areas of concern about
         the transfer and PeeblesHigh School.  S1 pupils from each primary
         usually accompany the Guidance teacher.

2.7    The parents of P7 pupils are invited to meet with Guidance staff
         at this primary visit.

2.8    Information on the Aide Memoire and PT1 can be updated at this time
          (e.g. National Tests sat between  March and May).

2.9    Secondary Learning Support staff visit primaries to discuss pupils’
          learning needs/strengths during May. Procedure for the transfer
          of pupils at Stage 3 & 4 of the SBC Support for Learning Policy is
          detailed in Section 4 below.  Information about pupils at Stage 2
          will be passed to Peebles High School Learning  Support staff 
          by Primary Learning Support staff and/or P7 teacher.

2.10   Learning Support and Behavioural Support teachers visit 
          working P7 classes during June.

2.11   In the first week in June P7 curricular information is sent to the Maths,
           English and French departments. Within the framework of the 5-14
           guidelines the S1/2 curriculum was developed, by subject departments,
           in consultation with associated primaries.  A format was agreed for
           information to be transferred i.e. individual pupil’s work and summaries
           of their experience and attainment.

2.12   PPRs are sent to Peebles High School for the start of the new session.

2.13   Learning Support lists are collated and distributed for the start of term.
          This will include details of screening tests carried out in P7.

3. Induction Days

3.1     A Parents’ Evening for P7 parents is held immediately before the 2-day
          visit.  Parents are given class lists at this point (both form class and practical
          section).  The school First Aider,  Principal Teacher of Learning Support,
          Guidance staff and Senior Management Team are available for
          discussion with any P7 parent during this evening.  Parents tour the school
          with guidance staff and have  the opportunity to discuss any issues/concerns.

3.2    A Medical Alert list is collated from primary information by the First
          Aider with advice from the school  nurse/doctor.  This list is distributed
          to all teachers prior to the P7 visit.

3.3    All P7 pupils follow an adjusted “normal timetable” for two days.  The
         timetable is devised by Alan Millington.  During this time pupils meet
         their Form teacher, Guidance teacher(s) and some of their subject
         teachers.  They also become familiar with the layout and normal routine
         of Peebles High School.  They are based in the Assembly Hall during this time.

3.4    Prefects and senior pupils are involved with P7 as guides and escorts
         (e.g. on buses).  Mr Lacon (Senior Teacher) organises these duties.

3.5    Mrs MacKinnon organises lunchtime activities with the assistance of
         volunteer staff and senior pupils.

4. Transfer of Pupils at Stages 3 & 4

4.1   Transfer meetings are organised for the Spring term by the primary
         schools.  These are statutory for children with a Record of Need 
         (Stage 4) and have been extended to those at Stage 3 following a
         successful ‘pilot’ in 1998.  Referrals for Stage 3 must have been
         made to the Educational Psychologist by the start of the Spring Term in P7.

4.2    Initial decisions on, e.g. whether a modified curriculum is required
         and the Practical arrangements for this are made at the transfer meeting.

4.3    The parents/guardian and child are invited to visit the Learning Support
         department in May. They meet the S1/2 SEN teacher, guidance teacher
         and Behaviour Support teacher as appropriate.  At this time plans for
         supporting the pupil are finalised. A review date is set for the Autumn Term.

4.4    Children (in small groups) and the primary LS/BS teachers have a
         maximum ½ day visit to the Learning Support department by June. 
         This is in addition to the 2-day visit.

4.5    If appropriate, the SEN or BS teacher also arranges to visit the
         child’s primary class in action.

4.6    Copies of primary IEPs are transferred to Peebles High School by the
         end of June and a Peebles High School IEP is developed and
         maintained for all Stage 4 and most Stage 3 pupils.

4.7    The Primary LS teacher meets with the PHS LS staff prior to the
         summer holiday to update pupil information.

5. Start of S1

5.1   Prior to pupil’s arrival, Medical lists, Maths and Language information
         and Learning Support notes (noting strengths and needs) are
         distributed to all staff.

5.2   On the first day of term all new S1 go to the Assembly Hall to be
         welcomed and collected by their form teacher.

5.3   All pupils are teamed with senior school buddies and selected
         pupils are offered the opportunity to become involved in Paired
         Reading with senior partners.  Through Social Education S1
         pupils are also introduced to the Anti Bullying Council and their role.

5.4    In the middle of September there is a request from Guidance staff to
         all S1 teachers for any comments/concerns about the new S1.  
         Particular attention is paid to pupils on the “initial concerns” list.

5.5    Where concerns are raised guidance staff follow these up.  Some parents
         are invited in to discuss and agree a support strategy (what the parents
         and the school agree to do to support the individual).  Subject
         Teachers are encouraged to make referrals to SFLT (Learning Support)
         and SLT (Behavioural Support) as appropriate through PTs Subject
         and Guidance.

5.6    All S1 pupils have an individual interview with guidance staff by the end
         of October. 

5.7    An interim report is completed and sent to parents by the beginning of
         November.  Copies of all reports go to Guidance and those of selected
         individuals (i.e. Stage 3 and 4 and those on the “initial concerns” list) go
         to LS.

5.8    S1 parents are encouraged to take any concerns to Guidance staff
         – in particular via the interim report return slip.

5.9   Where necessary, Keyworkers,  Learning Support and Guidance staff,
        may be assigned to individual pupils.  All staff, the pupil and parents
        are informed and all communication and decision-making is focused
        through the Keyworker.

5.10 Review of “Initial Concerns list” will be held during November. 
         PTs Guidance, PT of Learning Support, BS Teacher will update AHTs 
         on pupils in their care.