Teaching Staff

Art and Design

Principal Teacher – Mr J Lyle (Room: AR1)
Teacher – Mrs E McCann (Room: AR2)
Teacher – Mrs S MacConnachie (Room: AR3)
Part-time Teacher – Mrs Y Egan (Room: R12)

Principal Teacher – Mr D Mayer (Room: Lab 9)
PT Education/Industry Links – Mr A Huddleston (Room: Lab 7)
Teacher – Mrs A Hinks (Room: Lab 8)
Teacher – Mrs P Charters (Room: Lab 2)
Part-time Teacher – Mrs J Cook (Room: Lab)
Business Studies

Principal Teacher – Mr G Davidson (Room: M23)
Teacher – Mr S Wilson (Room: M22)

Principal Teacher – Mr A Wood (Room: Lab 4)
Teacher – Mrs A McKinnon (Room: Lab 3)
Teacher – Dr S Ashby (Room: Lab 1)

Principal Teacher – Mr D Sargent (Room: M20)
Teacher – Mr C Weatherall (Room: M19)
Craft Design and Technology

  • Mr A Stewart (Room: NB3)
    Principal Teacher – Mr N Forsyth (Room: NB4)
    Teacher – Mr I Hunter (Room: NB2)
    Teacher – Mr N Campbell (Room: NB5)

Principal Teacher – Mrs A-M Hetrick (Room: M9)
PT Staff Development – Mrs S Brown (Room: M15)
Teacher – Miss J Conalty (Room: M13)
Teacher – Miss L Neil (Room: M7)
Teacher – Mr I McFadyen (Room: M12)
Teacher – Mr A Morrison (Room: M8)
Teacher – Mrs Y Cameron (Room: M10)
Teacher – Miss S Whitehead (Room: M11)
Teacher – Mrs M-A McAllister (Room: M8)
Teacher – Mrs L Armour (Room: M29)
Teacher – Mr C Earle (Room: M18)
Depute Rector – Mr P Allan

Acting Principal Teacher – Mr A Anderson (Room: M27)
Teacher – Mrs S Miller (Room: M25)

Principal Teacher (Guidance) – Mr A Millington (Room: Guidance Centre)
Principal Teacher (Guidance) – Mrs D Moretta (Room: Guidance Centre)
Principal Teacher (Guidance) – Mrs G Charleston (Room: Guidance Centre)
Acting Principal Teacher (Guidance) – Mrs W Cruickshank (Room: Guidance Centre)
Depute Rector – Mr A Lowe (Room: Guidance Centre)

Principal Teacher – Mr P Waller (Room: M37)
Teacher – Mrs R Adams (Room: M35)
Teacher – Miss F Dunlop (Room: M36)
Teacher – Mr G Moir (Room: M33)
Home Economics

Principal Teacher – Miss J Thomson (Room: M2)
Teacher – Miss A Craig (Room: M5)
Teacher – Mrs E Calder (Room: M3)
Teacher – Mrs I Campbell (Room: M4)
Teacher – Mrs M Follan (Room: M6)
Learning Support

PT Additional Support Needs – Mr M Webber (Room: R20)
PT Pupil Support (LS) – Mrs A Lee (Room: R18)
PT Pupil Support (SEBD) – Mrs E Simpson (Room: R21)
Teacher – Mrs A Henderson (Room: R15)
Teacher – Mrs R Taylor (Room: R19)
Teacher – Ms K Flynn (Room: R16/19)
Teacher – Mrs V Logan (Room: R15)
Teacher – Mrs F Douglas (Room: R17)
Part-time Teacher – Mrs A Carruthers (Room: R16)
Part-time Teacher – Mrs C Shaw (Room: R16)
Learning Support Auxiliary – Mrs C McMath (Room: R16)
Learning Support Auxiliary – Mrs D Welander (Room: R16)
Learning Support Auxiliary – Mrs M Dempster (Room: R16)
Learning Support Auxiliary – Mrs P Brown (Room: R16)
Learning Support Auxiliary – Mrs C Hunter (Room: R16)

Principal Teacher – Mr K Simpson (Room: T6)
Teacher – Mr W McMath (Room: T3)
Teacher – Mrs E Boag (Room: T7)
Teacher – Mrs A Derrick (Room: T9)
Teacher – Mrs J Gordon (Room: T5)
Teacher – Mrs M McMillan (Room: T8)
Teacher – Mrs M Noble (Room: T1)
Teacher – Ms L Hamblett (Room: T4)
Teacher – Mrs I Coutts (Room: T2)
Modern Languages

Principal Teacher – Mr D Jamie (Room: 6)
Teacher – Mrs K Robertson (Room: 4)
Teacher – Mr D Keegan (Room: 7)
Teacher – Mrs K Monaghan (Room: 8)
Teacher – Mrs M Jamie (Room: 2)
Teacher – Mme B Maisonnial (Room: 8)
Teacher – Ms C Couharde (Room: 3)
Modern Studies

Principal Teacher – Mrs E Muirhead (Room: M24)
Teacher – Mrs L Forrester (Room: M26)
Teacher – Mr A Moir (Room: M28)
Teacher – Miss C Reid (Room: M28)

Principal Teacher – Mrs N Arney (Room: MR1)
Teacher – Mrs F Reed (Room: MR3)
Teacher – Mr M Bisson (Room: MR1)
Depute Rector – Ms K Prophet
Physical Education

Principal Teacher – Mr J Henderson (Room: Gym)
Teacher – Mr R Lacon (Room: Gym)
Teacher – Mrs S Hunter (Room: Gym)
Teacher – Mr D Changleng (Room: Gym)
Teacher – Miss C Wallace
Depute Rector – Mr I Sinclair
School Sports Co-ordinator – Mrs K Ritchie (Room: Gym)

Principal Teacher – Mr J Burrows (Room: LAB 1)
Teacher – Miss C Welch (Room: LAB 2)
Teacher – Mrs K Hill (Room: LAB 3)
Depute Rector – Mr A Lowe
Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies

Principal Teacher – Mrs J McFadyen (Room: M31)
Teacher – Mr I Stewart (Room: M30)